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Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow @ Ipoh

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
the Dior Addict Extreme bus

The Dior Addict Extreme bus finally stopped in Ipoh yesterday, making three stops over two days. I hopped on board the bus yesterday when it was at De Garden, to see what they had to offer.

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
be iconic

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
a make-up artist getting ready

Dior Addict Extreme is a new range of lipsticks, an “improvement” on their previous popular range, Dior Addict (44 shades of colours). In this new range, there are four styles (Incognito, Lucky, Riviera and Plaza) with four iconic shades each. According to a make-up artist, the new colours are stronger and more intense, but still true to the Dior tradition.

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
Dior make-up artists

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
Dior lipstick colours

Visitors at the Dior Addict Extreme roadshow would have to fill out a form, which would enable an attending Dior make-up artist determine the most suitable shade. Having said this, visitors have the liberty to experience all the shades, and discover for themselves their new style with Dior’s signature touch.

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
more Dior lipstick colours

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow
exterior of the Dior Addict Extreme bus

Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow @ Ipoh

Date: 14th May 2012
Venue: De Garden, Ipoh
Time: 12pm – 4pm

Date: 15th May 2012
Venue: Kinta City
Time: 10am – 3pm

Venue: Ipoh Parade
Time: 4pm – 10pm

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  1. wow! I’m sure u enjoy! Dior really put efforts in their publicity yah and also good for folks like us to explore their products.

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