Community Awareness Campaigns @ Ipoh Car-Free Day

The 14th edition of Ipoh Car-Free Day wrapped up the monthly event for 2016 on December 18.

Despite being the year-end school holidays, Ipoh residents took advantage of the three-hour car-free event to enjoy exercising along the main road of Jalan Raja DiHilir, without having to inhale carbon monoxide.

 1. a young participant
1. a young participant

It did not matter whether they were walking, jogging, cycling, biking, skating, Zumba-ing or hoverboarding, their collective objective was to keep a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

In line with this goal, a number of community awareness campaigns were conducted during Ipoh Car-Free Day. Let me show you what transpired:

2. members of Ipoh City Watch and staff of Ipoh City Council endeavour for a greener Ipoh
2. members of Ipoh City Watch and staff of Ipoh City Council endeavour for a greener Ipoh

Kohijau Recycling Programme
This recycling programme is not as straightforward as just discarding household wastes. To encourage Ipohites to keep the city green, a reward system is implemented to benefit members with shopping vouchers for their contribution of recyclable material.

To elaborate here would be lengthy and confusing. Therefore, just log on to where you can register to be a member and find out where to drop your recyclable items around town.

3. senamrobik
3. senamrobik

30-day Weight Loss Challenge
Organised by My Breakfast Story, this is a programme which encourages participants to lose weight in a healthy way through a guided plan.

As incentive, the top twenty weight losers within the thirty days will be awarded with cash prizes, up to RM1,000. For more information, log on to My Breakfast Story on Facebook.

4. #challengesitup
4. #challengesitup

According to Master Joseph of Access Martial Arts Centre, who oversees the #challengesitup, sit ups can effectively reduce tummy fat if done consistently, coupled with a controlled diet. It doesn’t take up too much time; just one minute every morning. Can you believe it?

Of course, for better results, it could be done for one minute in the morning, then another round in the afternoon and one more session at night. That’s just three minutes a day!

Now, I am considering to purchase the Exton Total Core Fitness Machine – it is being sold by GoShop for RM199 only (mentioned for my own future reference).

 5. Solidarity Walk
5. Solidarity Walk

Solidarity Walk
Besides health and fitness, Ipoh Car-Free Day also saw the NGO Aman Palestin Cawangan Perak making a stand against the atrocities in Aleppo (Syria), in Palestine as well as on the Rohingyas in Myanmar. The Solidarity Walk attracted close to two hundred participants.

 6. LIMA Electric Motor
6. LIMA Electric Motor

Oh yes, if I could ride a bike, I would probably purchase the electric motorcycle. Brought to Ipoh Car-Free Day by LIMA Electric Motor, the different models attracted quite a number of bike enthusiasts.

Event: Ipoh Car-Free Day (Dec 2016)
Venue: Jalan Raja DiHilir, Ipoh
Date: 18th Dec, 2016
Time: 7am – 10am

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  1. A healthy life not only keep the health for our own, shall also take care of other health. Car-Free may be the 1st steps.

  2. What a lovely and energetic event for fitness and fun! This is so cool and hope it will continue for the next more years 🙂

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