Turned Turtle

My 9-day road trip was not that long ago but it already is a hazy memory in my mind. Sometimes, it feels like it’s just a figment of my imagination.

In fact, I only just returned home slightly more than a month ago and have been busy catching up with work all these while. Boy, am I longing for yet another trip. I wouldn’t say it’s “refreshing” because being on the road for so long can be tiring and I was actually sick the whole time I was on “holiday” but it sure is a good break away from the mundane life of daily living.

turned turtle

I saw this guy repairing the toy car with it turned upside down and I thought it was pretty amusing. At the same time, I thought that repair works like these should be done behind doors and not in public like this in full view of everyone, especially their customers.

Following this post, I will continue with other odd photos that I shot when I was travelling at the end of March. Stay tuned!
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