Buffet Ramadhan Selera Anekarasa @ Impiana Hotel Ipoh

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IHI’s Ramadan buffet offers a wide spread of international and local cuisine so in addition to the above, I made my rounds at the “action stalls”. That’s where we get to see live cooking. I even shot a video of the chef in action at the grill. That’s where we get otak-otak, roasted lamb, baked crab, grilled seafood, ikan bakar, etc.

buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh
waiting to be GRILLED

Impiana Hotel Ipoh continue with their tradition of having DIY stalls. There’s DIY laksa, DIY bubur lambuk (another specialty) and DIY ice kacang. Somehow, I always need to ask for assistance because I can never get the taste right!

Ramadan buffet Impiana Hotel Ipoh
DIY bubur lambuk

Ramadan buffet IHI
DIY laksa

Ramadan buffet IHI
DIY ice kacang

Even with the many photos that I am sharing here, I still feel as if there are so many more that I could share. Indeed, there is such a varied spread of food to break fast to at Impiana Hotel Ipoh, one would need more than a meal here to try out everything!

Ramadan buffet Impiana Hotel

Ramadan buffet IHI
honey dew with sago


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