Buffet Ramadan Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

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Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
Executive Sous Chef Bala introducing his Ramadhan buffet

Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh, at their Palong Coffee House, is another good venue to break fast for our Muslim friends. There are a total of eight Ramadan menus, themed “Selera Kampung”.

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
dalca sayur dengan ikan kering talang

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
butter prawns Indonesian-style

Their sumptuous buffet spread include over a hundred selections and more than ten active stalls, serving on rotation over four weeks; would satiate even the most discerning palate.

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
Singapore chilli crabs

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
daging panggang blitar

It is said that the month of Ramadan is the only time of the year one can taste the widest variety of traditional Malay cuisine. So, this is where you can find ikan patin masak tempoyak, gulai pucuk ubi tumbuk and other traditional Malay kampung-style food.

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
grilled boneless chicken with warm coriander vinaigrette

Kinta Riverfront buffet Ramadan
crab omelette

These photos I am sharing today are just a small selection of the food you can savour during this Ramadan at Palong Coffee House, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites in Ipoh. My photos, unfortunately, do not do justice to the tantalising food. For that, you will have to taste it yourself. The grilled boneless chicken with warm coriander vinaigrette is highly recommended by me!


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5 thoughts on “Buffet Ramadan Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

  1. Siti,

    Prices are already stated at the end of this post (Page 6):

    RM55 nett per adult / RM28 nett per child
    *For every 10 paying adults, 1 gets to eat for free!

    Enjoy yourself! 🙂

  2. Hi Emily,

    Thanks for sharing all the photos. The food looks good. My friend and I are searching for a ramadan buffet…got your blog by googling.

    Thanks again!

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