Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi: Celebrating Our Cultural Inheritance

beyond ketupat kimchi
opening dance: Tarian Dabus

Ipohites had a rare treat last Saturday, with the Malaysia-Korea cultural exchange collaboration, Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi. Besides an art exhibition where artwork from Malaysians and Korean artist, (George) Kim Tae Hoo, were showcased, the programme culminated with a 2-hour long Malaysian-Korean dance extravaganza.

beyond ketupat kimchi
launching of Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi (L-R): representative from The Happy 8, organising chairperson Danielle Liang, guests-of-honour Member of Parliament Taiping & State assemblyman Kepayang Nga Kor Ming, Second Secretary & Consul Embassy of the Republic of Korea Chung Chi Won, State assembly persons Lee Chuan How (Pasir Pinji), Wong Kah Woh (Canning) & Wong May Ing (Pantai Remis) and artist (George) Kim Tae Hoo

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 1: Dance 1: Dawn of the Palace

The Korean dances were by national traditional dance troupe, Branch 2 Dance, from Gangwon, Korea, while Gema Warisan Budaya cultural troupe from the Ipoh City Council presented corresponding Malaysian dances.

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 1: Dance 2: Taepyeongmu

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 2: Dance 3: Hanryangmu

The brainchild of P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T and organised by The Brain Truster, this cultural exchange through art, dance, and history, was held at the Ipoh City Hall, a heritage building. Constructed from 1914 to 1916 in Neo-Classical style, it was designed by A.B. Hubback.

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 2: Dance 4: Love Song

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 3: Dance 4: Sogo Dance

Monies raised through the sale of artwork at Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi will be channelled to Yuk Choy High School and other yet-to-be-identified Non-Governmental Organisations to raise awareness in art and heritage in Ipoh.

beyond ketupat kimchi
Stage 3: Dance 4: Jindo Drum Dance

beyond ketupat kimchi
joget lambak

In this post, I am only able to share with you shots from the Korean dances. Gema Warisan Budaya’s performances were simply too swift for me to capture on my camera in a dark hall without using the flash. Boo! Enjoy, nonetheless. 🙂

beyond ketupat kimchi
presentation of souvenir and certificate of appreciation to troupe leader of Branch 2 Dance

beyond ketupat kimchi
group photo of Branch 2 Dance and Gema Warisan Budaya

Event: Beyond Ketupat & Kimchi
Venue: Ipoh City Hall
Date: 12th Oct, 2013
Time: 7.30pm

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