AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
1. one of the entrances to AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang

The new AEON Mall in Klebang Ipoh opened on 21st Oct, 2015 much to the excitement of local shopaholics. According to my friends, this complex is even larger than AEON Station 18. I am not going to check how huge that one is, although I wrote about it in my blog previously.

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
2. dance performance as part of the mall’s opening celebration

This building has 150 retail outlets and 1700 parking lots over three levels. It’s oddly shaped, almost like a boat, hence some retail lots seem shallow.

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
3. golden chandelier

To avoid the crowd, I only went to check out the mall on the third day of its opening. As you can see from these photos, the crowd has lessened considerably. It was Friday afternoon and I swung by after checking out Perak IT Mall.

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
4. VW car promotion

This shopping mall is actually located in an industrial area with a Chemor address, although it is named “Ipoh Klebang”. The distance between these two landmarks is not more than 10 minutes’ drive.

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
5. shoppers on a Friday afternoon

Quite a number of tenants are still not ready for shoppers yet, for example TGV Cinemas, Nando’s and H&M.

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
6. view from the first floor

The full list of tenants is here, which I sourced from the internet.

– The Cruises Steak House
– Kenny Rogers
– Starbucks
– Boat Noodle (1st in PERAK)
– Nando’s
– Vivo Pizza and Panini
– Purple Cane
– WindMill
– Teh Tarik Place
– Shihlin Taiwanese Snacks
– Black Canyon
– Johnny’s Restaurant
– Ice Bucket
– Kopitiam Avenue
– Mexico Taste
– Boost Juice
– The Chicken Rice Shop
– Auntie Anne
– Famous Amos
– Sushi King
– Baskin Robbins
– Orchid Bistro
– Secret Recipe
– Yoshinoya and Hanamaru

– Fossil
– H&M
– Guess Jeans
– Esprit
– Uniqlo
– G2000
– Valentino Rudy
– Sembonia
– Carlo Rino
– Timberland
– Brands Outlet
– Bata
– Giordano
– Polo Haus
– Hush Puppies
– Smart Master
– fyi
– Pierre Cardin
– Hang Ten
– Young Hearts
– TRIO by Jerasia

– Al-Ikhsan
– Adidas
– Royal Sporting House
– Skechers
– Arena

– Tissot
– Poh Kong
– City Chain
– Watch Engine

– Eu Yan Sang
– Caring Pharmacy
– The Body Shop
– Shins
– Kiehl’s
– Always 21
– Guardians

– Popular Bookstore
– Universal Traveller
– Focus Point
– Soxworld
– Fitness Concept
– My News
– Gintell
– Mr. DIY
– My Home One
– Samsung
– Lenovo
– Akemi
– Seen
– Maxis
– Yes
– Hinode
– Gadget Hub
– IT World

– TGV Cinema at AEON Mall Klebang

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
7. one of the handful of photography corners

I do like the selection of tenants here and it felt as though I was in one of the malls in Kuala Lumpur. Obviously, the scenario is not exactly the same but how much time do we actually have for malling?

AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang
Add: Lot 12080, Klebang Perdana, 31200 Chemor, Perak.
GPS Coordinates: N 04.67644° E101.12436°

Business hours:
10am – 10pm (Sun- Thurs)
10am – 11pm (Fri, Sat & Public Holiday)

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13 thoughts on “AEON Mall Ipoh Klebang

  1. It’s good to heard Ipoh open another new AEON shopping mall. Compare to Station 18 only 1 shopping mall sometimes quite crowd when shop.

  2. i heard from my friend this is the new Aeon that open in Ipoh. So big and high end design. Want go ipoh and visit this shopping mall.

  3. Wohoo! Now the have Aeon! I would love to spend a month in Ipoh maybe when i get the chance to 🙂

  4. i only know my hometown Taiping. Never really visit Ipoh before. Pass by Ipoh most of the time though! This place sure have many to explore.

  5. GOing through the list of tenants, i feel like it looks like AEON station 18, but would like to make a visit here! since it so near to UTP only.
    THanks for your infor!

  6. Now u may use Uber services here as no hassle for transportation at Ipoh. Cheap n efficient services.

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