48 hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness

48 Hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness

Conducted by Sabina Vitacca, who is known as ‘The Personal Trainer for the Mind’, 48 Hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness is a short-term course that can be slotted around your daily work and home commitments. It is pre-recorded and delivered by email, so you can watch in your own time.

Designed to demonstrate how effective the practice of mindfulness can be when applied to work and home situations, Sabina will show you what mindfulness is and how it works.

Mindfulness simply means to live in the ‘present’ in your thoughts, actions and behaviours. Scientific research shows it’s hugely effective to boost focus, productivity and connection whilst reducing stress and overwhelm.

48 Hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness
48 Hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness

The best part is that it can all be achieved with bite-sized actions. You can complete this short programme with just 15 minutes a day.

If you’re someone who is:
– Feeling the strain of isolation or working from home
– Finding it challenging to remain focused or productive at work
– Feeling overwhelmed by our current environment
– Wanting to learn how to better communicate and connect to your team or colleagues
– Seeking the secrets of ‘switching off’ at night and being able to relax, even during busy times

Then this short course is for you!

This 48-hour Bite-Sized Mindfulness course can be completed at your own leisure and if you love it, there are more programmes for you to enjoy. Tap into pre-recorded videos sharing Sabina’s Mindfulness expertise, all for FREE! You’ll be sent the bite-sized materials to your inbox.

Register for 48 Hours of Bite-Sized Mindfulness HERE.

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