Tips to Work From Home Successfully

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enacted on 18th March, 2020, most employees have been working from home (WFH), particularly those who can take their work home to do. Those staff members in the public service, or those who work in the tourism, construction and industrial sectors, for example, are unable to WFH.

Personally, I have worked from home since the day I left school. I would be the first to vouch that this situation is not suitable for everyone. Even after working from home for decades, I still find it challenging to be 100% resourceful due to working alongside 101 household distractions from morning ’til night.

Yesterday, I came across this Facebook post by ViewSonic Malaysia on 7 Tips to Work from Home. Being a WFH veteran, I deduced that these WFH tips are undeniably useful. Therefore, I decided to share them here for the benefit of everyone.

1. Set a morning routine
2. Have a dedicated workspace
3. Proper equipment
4. Software solutions
5. Communicate with your colleagues and clients
6. Take a break when necessary
7. Go offline from social media

After 2.5 months since the lockdown, if you are still struggling to get into the rhythm of working from home, perhaps you should follow the above structure.

Personally, though my work from home experience is not a piece of cake, I am thankful that I lead the life that I do. In addition to the seven tips mentioned above which I have followed long before (except for logging off from social media), I also set a daily task list which is dutifully completed. No matter how much of my time is taken away doing non-work stuff during the day, I ensure that every item on my to-do list is settled before I sign off for the night, albeit 1 or 2am.

So, I hope these tips are useful for you and will see an improvement in your WFH experience. If you are a WFH veteran also, do you have any tip to impart?

With love

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