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Refarm Kampar, Perak

Oct 31, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V, Travel

Although I have known about Refarm at MATTA Fair in Ipoh almost two years ago, it was only recently that I managed to make a trip there. I was caught by surprise over its popularity, and then I remembered that it was Deepavali, and other visitors had also made plans for Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. If you have ... continue reading »

A painful reminder of the days of World War II and the Japanese Occupation, this carbide factory chimney and some chunks of carbide have been transformed into a historic monument. The factory and this chimney were used by the Japanese to manufacture armaments. This setup, along with another kiln, was estimated to be established in ... continue reading »

For years, I had wanted to visit Kinta Nature Park (KNP) but due to many negative reports heard about its condition, I kept postponing my trip. Besides, bird watching requires a lot of time, which I couldn't spare. This waiting game is difficult to play when one is always rushing here and there! Nonetheless, I finally ... continue reading »

Hosted for the first time in Ipoh, World Ecotourism Expo 2017 (WET-EXPO) is part of the state's year-long calendar of colourful events, in conjunction with Visit Perak Year 2017. This three-day international event is a platform for exhibitors to learn from one another and share experiences, as well as to promote their products and services at ... continue reading »

Let’s Get Ready For Miss SHOPhia Shopping Hunt 2.0

Oct 27, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Shopping

Yes, you heard right! The exciting year-end hunt, known as Miss SHOPhia Shopping Hunt is back for the second year! This time, there will be even more generous prizes, in the form of cash and shopping vouchers! If you are not familiar with Miss SHOPhia Shopping Hunt, this is a unique treasure hunt that incorporates shopping, ... continue reading »

In Malaysia, Halloween is observed differently from the Christian meaning of All Saints' Eve, where they go to church, abstain from meat and light candles for the dead. Instead, we celebrate Halloween by scaring one another, getting chased by zombies and eat. Of course, we should celebrate all occasions with food. We, Malaysians, are foodies after ... continue reading »

Beyond its reputation as the most developed state of Malaysia, Selangor has its share of unique tourist destinations, marked by its tin-mining roots, existing natural attractions and over 100 years of history. Here are some spots in Selangor which are worth exploring. Island Villages of Port Klang Pulau Ketam remains a popular weekend getaway thanks to ... continue reading »

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