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The 4th and final day of this Perak tour was actually half a day, but it could be taxing for those who are not so fit! It was a day to visit Perak's major landmarks. Just by the mention of these three towns, you probably knew where our delegation would be exploring, if you're familiar with ... continue reading »

For years, I had wanted to visit Kinta Nature Park (KNP) but due to many negative reports heard about its condition, I kept postponing my trip. Besides, bird watching requires a lot of time, which I couldn't spare. This waiting game is difficult to play when one is always rushing here and there! Nonetheless, I finally ... continue reading »

red tortoise buns Nine Emperor Gods

What initially began as a means to supplement the income to support the expenses of the temple and to celebrate the Nine Emperor Gods Festival has over the years, become much looked forward to by Taoist devotees from near and far. It is said that the red tortoise-shaped buns baked by the devotee-volunteers at Sam Wong ... continue reading »

Sam Wong Kong Temple

Sam Wong Kong in Batu Gajah, about 20km or 40 minutes' drive from Ipoh, is the only Nine Emperor Gods temple in the town. Surprisingly, many of the Taoist devotees here are from the south - Johor and Singapore. Of course, locals throng the temple as well for nine days to pay homage to the Nine ... continue reading »

Kellie’s Castle

Aug 3, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150, Travel

Today, I am sharing a few photos of Kellie's Castle, which I visited with some friends not too long ago. This is a popular tourist attraction located off Batu Gajah, some 30 minutes' drive from Ipoh. Actually, I don't come here often because it is said to be haunted and well, I don't like to ... continue reading »

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort

Although Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort in Batu Gajah was developed more than ten years ago, it was only recently that I stepped foot there. I don't play golf, you see, and don't understand why anyone likes golf. To my surprise, it's not all about golf at Clearwater Sanctuary as the resort offers its guests a ... continue reading »

Ramadhan buffet

The month of Ramadhan may only be observed some three weeks later but the F&B team at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort (Batu Gajah, Perak), headed by Chef Raizal, has already been hard at work, and drew up three sets of menus specially for the month of Ramadhan. I was able to preview their Ramadhan menu recently, ... continue reading »

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