25th SAS Cup 2016: Day 3 – New Zealand (5) – Pakistan (3)

1. New Zealand (black) vs. Pakistan (white/green)
1. New Zealand (black) vs. Pakistan (white/green)

Although I am covering all the games in the tournament, I have to be very selective on the matches I am sharing on this blog, simply because I lack time.


Also, because I will always be late by a day or two, I am not going to go into technical details of the games. You can read all about those in the newspaper.


And so, I am just going to share some photos, or videos, and my thoughts, if any.


It has been a while since Pakistan played at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh. This was a much looked forward to game as New Zealand are the defending champions.

[caption id="attachment_21545" align="aligncenter" width="400"]5. hockey fans5. hockey fans

Event: Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2016: Day 3: Match 8: New Zealand (5) – Pakistan (3)
Venue: Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium, Ipoh
Date: 9th April, 2016
Time: 6.05pm

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