1st Sushi Mentai Outlet in Ipoh!

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
1. Sushi Mentai in Ipoh

The newly opened Sushi Mentai outlet in Ipoh was selected as the venue for my early birthday celebration with my family as I am hitting the road again later this week.

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
2. lunch hour crowd

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
3. packed during lunch hour

The bright orange façade of the corner lot on the same street as Maxis Centre in Greentown Business Centre caught our attention and we couldn’t wait for it to be opened for business.

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
4. sushi-go-round

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
5. Tori Katsu Don (chicken cutlet simmered with egg on rice) – RM12.80

Sushi Mentai is a familiar brand for those who have a liking for Japanese cuisine – after all, there are more than twenty outlets in cities such as Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang and now, it has finally arrived in Ipoh.

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
6. Tori Katsu Curry Rice (chicken cutlet and rice with curry sauce) – RM13.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
7. Salmon Teriyaki Don (grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce on rice) – RM14.80

The brand is already well-known for bringing Japanese cuisine to the masses by keeping prices affordable without compromising on quality, taste or freshness. So, it was no wonder that the restaurant was packed when my family had our lunch there on the fourth day of its opening (opened on 17th Nov, 2015).

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
8. Tori Teriyaki Don (grilled chicken cutlet and rice with Teriyaki sauce) – RM12.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
9. Agedashi Tofu (fried bean curd) – RM4.80

Most people preferred Sushi Mentai’s selection of fresh sushi from the conveyor belt. After all, each plate is only RM1.80 (as indicated by yellow-coloured plates) and RM2.80 (red-coloured plates).

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
10. Saba Teriyaki (mackerel grilled with Teriyaki sauce) – RM11.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
11. Tori Katsu (chicken chop) – RM8.80

Each range boasts 25 different varieties, and that’s a lot of choices to pick for a meal!

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
12. Salmon Mentaiyaki (salmon grilled with cod roe) – RM14.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
13. Yasai Tempura (assorted vegetable tempura) – RM6.80

What my family had were from the à la carte menu. Obviously, compared to the conveyor belt, our food took a bit more time to prepare but we didn’t mind the wait.

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
14. Tempura Moriawase (assorted tempura) – RM13.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
15. Salmon Wrap (salmon & cucumber wrapped with rice sheet) – RM10.80 for 6 pieces

So, these photos were of our lunch for four a few days ago, with items that ranged from special maki (rolls) to yakimono (grilled, broiled or pan-fried), agemono (deep-fried) and of course, donmono (rice dishes).

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
16. Unagi Kabayaki (eel grilled with Kabayaki sauce) – RM18.80

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
17. Takoyaki (takoball) – RM4.50 for 5 pieces

As you can see, we opted for rice instead of noodles (menmono). The Chinese must have rice even while eating Japanese! Hahaha!

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
18. Kaki Fried (fried oyster) – RM9.80 for 3 pieces

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
19. Sushi Mentai Ipoh

Looking at these photos, you can imagine how full we were. I was prepared for the bill to be above RM200, as prices on the menu are exclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST.

Sushi Mentai Ipoh
20. all these for under RM200!

To my surprise, the bill came up to under RM200 for everything, which was just right for my budget. Will I return for another meal? Of course, since these dishes were just from a small selection of the menu. But then again, I’d probably go for the sushi-go-round next time!

Sushi Mentai (Ipoh)
Add: 12-1A, Persiaran Greentown 8, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak.
GPS Coordinates: N 04.60015° E101.09562°
Tel: Not available
Business hours: 12pm – 9.30pm (Mon – Fri) & 11.30am – 9.30pm (Sat, Sun, Public Holiday)

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19 thoughts on “1st Sushi Mentai Outlet in Ipoh!

  1. What a coincidence! You are in ‘Japan’ too in sushi mentai XD lol
    Heard alot of good feedbacks about the place being decently priced and its always crowded.

  2. They reminds me the early days of Sushi King. They are purely making good food at cheap price and trying to make a name. I have tried a few Sushi Mentai outlets, for the price, the food is a good deal.

  3. So now it has invade Ipoh as well! They have a number of outlets here in KL and PJ. I have tried the one in SS2 but not to my liking unfortunately. Glad you and your family loved it! 🙂

  4. Wow, the price is really reasonable… at first glance I read Mental sushi… and I thought it was a concept, then I realised my mistake. hahaha

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