Design smarter, not harder

Workshop: Design Smarter, Not Harder

More designers are working on solving difficult problems for people in complex situations than ever before. New digital products are being created every day to help meet people’s needs in areas like mental health, access to justice and public services.

Design smarter, not harder

However, digital product designers often find themselves reinventing the wheel when designing new interfaces and experiences. They regularly start from scratch on foundations like typography, spacing and good component design, even though established best practices exist. This leads to inconsistencies from one project to the next, and makes it harder for designers and developers to share a standard language and practice.

At Portable, they are solving this problem with “a design system for design systems” — a standardised set of user interface (UI) foundations and components exemplifying best practice usability and accessibility and grounded in research and evidence.

Not only is this toolkit helping their cross-disciplinary team design and build more effectively, they can now use their time and energy designing experiences for the real complex problems their users face.

In the spirit of sharing their practice, they are showcasing their UI kit in a live discussion with the team that built it.

Date & time: 24th June, 2021 (11am – 12pm UTC+08)
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