“Winds of Melaka” Live Stage Show at Melaka Alive!

I was looking forward to watch “Winds of Melaka” at the Melaka Alive! stage. The live stage show received a lot of hype when it was newly launched and it would be my first show there.

Melaka Alive
1. Melaka Alive

I don’t believe that I have watched a show like this before, although someone subsequently said that there is something similar in Bangkok, just a few notches better.

Melaka Alive
2. show in progress

Oh well, I have nothing to compare it with, so I quite enjoyed the performance, except that the storyline was a little bias and the historical aspect of Melaka was not explored as in-depth as I had hoped.

Melaka Alive
3. group photo of the cast

Perhaps they were limited by time, I don’t know. I, however, would like to give credit to the protagonists for their perfectly timed lip-synching.

Melaka Alive
4. after the show

Would I go and watch again? Probably. Live shows like these have to be watched more than once to really enjoy the essence of the story. Besides, I understand that Melaka Alive also stages another show called “The Pirate Adventure”. Is it similar? I do not know. I only know that ticket prices are cheaper.

Melaka Alive!
Add: Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Melaka (opposite The Proclamation of Independence Memorial)
Hotline: 603-78772828
Web: www.melakaalive.com.my
Email: sales@nuevo.com.my
Facebook: Official Melaka Alive

Ticket pricing (MyKad / Non-MyKad)
Adult: RM35 / RM45
Child (4 – 12 years old): RM20 / RM28
Senior citizen (60 years old and above): RM20 / RM45

Show times: 7.30pm & 9pm daily (may change subject to weather and technical condition)

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  1. Didnt know there is performance in this place, used to visit this place very often when I was younger.. ah lip sync .. would be nice if it was real singing right…

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