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Virtual Stargazing - The Galaxy Zoo (w Telescope Raffle!)

Virtual Stargazing – The Galaxy Zoo 

Have you ever seen a galaxy through a telescope? Join Galaxy Zoo to observe these magnificent objects, home to hundreds of billions of stars!

Virtual Stargazing - The Galaxy Zoo (with Telescope Raffle!)

This virtual stargazing party will feature a special selection of targets that demonstrates the diversity of galaxies in the universe. Spirals, ellipticals, and irregulars; how did they form and how are they different? Come join them to observe these galaxies live through telescopes. The list of targets is as follows:

M104 – Edge-on Spiral Galaxy
M 51 – Face-on Spiral / Interacting Galaxies
M 87 – Eliptical Galaxy
Markarian’s Chain – a cluster of galaxies
Milky Way – a galaxy up close and personal

This event is kid- and family-friendly! Get ready to answer trivia questions throughout the event and also participate in a raffle with a TELESCOPE prize at the end!

Date & time: 11th June, 2021 (12pm – 1.15pm UTC+08)
Register HERE.

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