Vandalism On The New Restrooms & Changing Rooms @ MBI Swimming Complex

MBI swimming complex
1. changing rooms

The Ipoh City Council spent a total of RM287,680 for renovation and upgrading the restrooms and changing rooms of the MBI Swimming Complex recently. The swimming complex was closed from August 3, 2015 while the work was in progress, including replacing wall and floor tiles, pipes and water tank, as well as repainting the interior and exterior of restrooms, et cetera.

MBI swimming complex
2. changing rooms

MBI swimming complex
3. changing rooms

The complex was reopened to the public on December 7, 2015 but most unfortunately that only after three days, it was discovered that some of these facilities have been vandalised.

MBI swimming complex
4. wash basins

MBI swimming complex
5. wash basins

As these are new fittings, replacing them so soon would mean a budget overrun. As such, two guards will be placed at the men’s and women’s changing rooms as a deterrent against vandalism.

MBI swimming complex
6. shower stalls

MBI swimming complex
7. shower head

Nevertheless, it is hoped that members of the public will co-operate with the authorities and use these facilities with care, or report vandals if they come across any.

MBI swimming complex
8. vandalised bidet

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  1. The place is really nice but I do hope that vandalism doesn’t happen or at best is kept to a minimum. Fingers crossed.

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