The Osborne Apartments, Ipoh

When my friend, AJ, asked me to recommend Ipoh accommodation for his group of twenty friends, I was stumped for a minute.

While I am well-versed with Ipoh hotels and a couple of homestays, I really had no idea about the type of accommodation that he requires.

The Osborne Apartments, Ipoh
The Osborne Apartments, Ipoh

Putting AJ’s friends up at homestays is not viable as they would not be able to share a single unit, or units that are adjacent to each other.

Besides, most Ipoh homestays are located within residential areas and away from town, not meeting another of AJ’s requirement.

two-bedroom suite - living room
two-bedroom suite – living room

My search brought up The Osborne Apartments. Ah, I have heard about The Osborne for a long time but never found a reason to check them out until AJ sought my assistance.

two-bedroom suite - master bedroom
two-bedroom suite – master bedroom

The Osborne Apartments opened for business some five years ago but they are well maintained and still very much relevant for large family or group of travellers.

Their strategic location plays a part as well – right in the middle of town, within walking distance from some of Ipoh’s best eats such as Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken, Funny Mountain Soy Bean, Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken and Ipoh’s famous nasi ganja at Kedai Kopi Yong Suan.

two-bedroom suite - bedroom
two-bedroom suite – bedroom

There are a total of eight suites at The Osborne: 4 units 2-Bedroom, 2 units 3-Bedroom Junior and 2 units 3-Bedroom Family.

Each suite is equipped with a television set with ASTRO, DVD player, WiFi internet, refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, iron, hair dryer, hot shower, and oh yes, air-conditioning!

Additional good news is that daily housekeeping is provided. You don’t even have to bring along your own toiletries or towel.

3-Bedroom Junior - living room
3-Bedroom Junior – living room

So, what are the rates like? The smallest suite of 2 bedrooms goes for RM278 nett per night. It can accommodate up to 5 adults and 2 children.

Meanwhile, the largest suite of 3-Bedroom Family is RM408 nett per night and accommodates 8 adults plus 2 kids.

3-Bedroom Junior - bedroom
3-Bedroom Junior – bedroom

Many people are confused about hotel accommodation with apartment stay and expect the same facilities, but it is like comparing an orange with an apple.

For most lodging apartments, breakfast is not included. However, this only means that we have more opportunities to eat out, allowing us to explore in-depth local delicacies.

3-Bedroom Junior - bedroom
3-Bedroom Junior – bedroom

Similar to modern hotels with multiple levels of security, suites at The Osborne Apartments are only accessible with key cards.

Do note that only staircase access is available here. Thus, it may not be friendly for older folk or those with health issues but then bedrooms are located on the first and second floors, indicating just a short climb.

3-Bedroom Family - living room
3-Bedroom Family – living room

Complimentary parking facility is provided on site. Whether you are on a road trip or ‘fly-and-drive’, knowing that your car is safely parked in a proper bay affords you a good night’s rest.

3-Bedroom Family - bedroom
3-Bedroom Family – bedroom

I personally have no particular preference of staying in a hotel or apartment.

On a short solo trip, I would choose to stay at a hotel but for longer stays, I love the space of an apartment and the facilities to prepare my own meals if I so fancy, particularly if I have travel companions. It definitely feels more like home.

3-Bedroom Family - bedroom
3-Bedroom Family – bedroom

If you come by Ipoh in a group, you should consider staying at an apartment such as The Osborne.

The Osborne Apartments
Add: 58, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-243 8333
Fax: +605-242 8333
Web: The Osborne Apartments

Reception hours: 7am till 10pm

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15 thoughts on “The Osborne Apartments, Ipoh

  1. I like these units coz its spacious enough especially for solo travelers. And its not chaotic too.

  2. Wow! Just wow! It looks so well maintained and clean. The colour combination is nice too.

    To add further, it is near the famous nasi ganja and other attractions, so this is a very good option while in Ipoh!

  3. When I was younger, a group of friend and I rented a lodge for a couple of days at a resort. It was a great time. If we ever have a chance to travel in groups again, I’d definitely give the Osborne apartments a try.

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