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Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding

Feb 14, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Valentine’s Day Mass Wedding

Ipoh Chin Woo auditorium was packed to the brim with families, friends and well-wishers for this morning's Valentine's Day mass wedding. 35 couples, dressed in their wedding best, took the big step from singledom to married life. It was a life-changing decision. Birthday boy, Chai Liang Sun, who works in a bank, has known his bride, ... continue reading »

Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine's Day comes but once a year. No matter how we would like to think that every day is Valentine's Day, it is a great excuse to get all dressed up for the occasion and celebrate "love". This year, Kinta Riverfront Hotel in Ipoh is offering an extra reason to celebrate Valentine's Day, giving the ... continue reading »

Valentine’s Day

What are your plans this Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)? How about trying to bring home RM888? Yes, cold hard cash is up for grabs in the De Garden Chinese New Year Longest Hugging Competition. This should be the first of its kind in Ipoh. Although this competition is held on Valentine's Day, couples between the ... continue reading »

Valentine’s Day dances

No, I am not that sad (yet) to go shoot dance performances on Valentine's Day. This series of dances was performed two evenings ago at Ipoh Parade. There were a total of seven dances, from Cha Cha to Rumba to Twist, wrapping up with an energetic belly dance by four lovely ladies, which is on ... continue reading »

Happy Valentine’s Day From Emily 2 You

Feb 14, 2011 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Motorola Defy
bear family

Quite a number of people wrote in asking to see photo samples of Motorola Defy. I know, although I wrote a pretty comprehensive, in my opinion, review of Motorola Defy (Malaysian set) a month ago, I didn't enclose enough sample photos of Defy so I am making up in this post. Since it's Valentine's Day ... continue reading »

Au Young de Clown

Feb 17, 2009 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Olympus SP-550UZ

I went to Ipoh Parade on the evening of Valentine's Day to catch a dance performance. Yea, I have NO life. There were guys buying last minute Valentine's gift, from bouquets of plastic flowers, real flowers and even balloon sculpture flowers. Older guys were seen buying more expensive jewelry gifts from diamond rings, pendants and ... continue reading »

It’s Valentine’s Day Again

Feb 14, 2009 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - iPhone

Yes, how time flies. I still remember learning about SAD (Singles Awareness Day) through blogger Danny Foo last year. As another Valentine's Day passes and I am still single, and sometimes feel like a loser because everyone around me is attached one way or another and I am not, I wonder if I am SAD. ... continue reading »

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