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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013

The 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013 invitational international men's field hockey, which began on 9th March, wrapped up on Sunday night (17th March), after six days of game-play, three matches a day, with much fanfare and glitz. 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013 Final Results: Champions: Australia Runners-up: Malaysia 3rd: Korea 4th: New Zealand 5th: India 6th: Pakistan There were only six ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup prize presentation

And so, the 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Men's International Invitational Field Hockey Tournament has wrapped up on Sunday, after playing for 8 days, 3 matches a day. Six of the 7 teams that played would participate in the London Olympics this July, and this was one of the top hockey tournaments left for the teams ... continue reading »

Australia hockey team

So the final results are out and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2011 trophy has been lifted by Australia. It's time to announce the winners of five special awards and the Sultan's top 11 players. Poor me was dwarfed by other media representatives during group photo shoots but these are what I got and I ... continue reading »

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