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Sustainable Property Investment in a Medical-Driven Development in KL Wellness City

This is your last chance to secure one of the remaining 50 units of wellness suites at KL Wellness City, Bukit Jalil, with prices starting from RM320,000 (from 268 sq. ft.). Visit Weil Hotel Ipoh on 13th & 14th July 2024 for an in-depth understanding of this Kuala Lumpur wellness development.

KL Wellness City, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
KL Wellness City, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Prime Location and Comprehensive Development
KL Wellness City, located in the heart of Bukit Jalil, just opposite Pavilion Bukit Jalil lifestyle mall, spans 26.5 acres of land with international zoning in the Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure Plan 2020.

architectural scale model of KL Wellness City, Wellness Redefined
architectural scale model of KL Wellness City, Wellness Redefined

Planned, designed, and built from the ground up by a leading healthcare group that understands the needs of patients, KL Wellness City, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM11 billion, is an iconic integrated wellness development anchored by an international 1000-bed specialist hospital, targeting 50% medical tourists. To illustrate the scale, this hospital will be more than three times the size of the largest private hospital in Ipoh, featuring twenty-two operating theatres capable of handling complex surgeries, supported by medical specialists from various disciplines.

architectural scale model of Nobel Healthcare Park
architectural scale model of Nobel Healthcare Park

Advanced Construction and Unique Ownership
The construction of two main buildings in the development, namely the KL International Hospital (an international tertiary hospital) and the Nobel Healthcare Park, is already 30% completed, well ahead of schedule.

architectural scale model of Nobel Healthcare Park
architectural scale model of Nobel Healthcare Park

Slated to be ready in stages by the end of 2026, KL Wellness City is the only development in Malaysia that allows specialist doctors and related healthcare companies to own medical suites, unlike the current industry practice of renting from hospitals. In Phase 1, more than a hundred medical suites have been sold from a total of 130 units.

close-up view of Nobel Healthcare Park
close-up view of Nobel Healthcare Park

Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem
As an integrated healthcare ecosystem development that combines the fastest-growing industry of medical healthcare, real estate linked to healthcare, and medical tourism, KL Wellness City offers a 3-in-1 investment opportunity that is resilient to economic instability.

development awards bagged by KL Wellness City
development awards bagged by KL Wellness City

Investment Opportunities and Senior Living
There are only 512 units of wellness suites of various hotel-room sizes, available for sale from an affordable RM320,000 (and above according to size) per unit, fully furnished. This number is insufficient to support the 1000-bed hospital, creating sustainable demand, as these wellness suites are intended for the use of specialist doctors based at KL Wellness City, patients’ families, caregivers, and retiree residents.

Wellness Suite (268 sq. ft.)
Wellness Suite (268 sq. ft.)

Senior independent living at KL Wellness City is unique. Residents can enjoy nursing care, concierge care, and specialised menu catered by the central kitchen of KL Wellness City. These fully accessible, wheelchair-friendly wellness suites are directly and physically connected to KL International Hospital via a link bridge, making it a golden opportunity to invest in Bukit Jalil.

Video: Wellness Suite (268 sq. ft) From RM320K

Facilities and Connectivity
Residents of these wellness suites can enjoy numerous facilities from the hospital. The link bridge allows doctors and healthcare professionals to move easily between the hospital and the wellness suites, and vice versa, enabling residents (patients and their families) to conveniently attend follow-up medical appointments.

Wellness Suite (386 sq. ft.)
Wellness Suite (386 sq. ft.)

Potential Returns and Management Options
The ongoing Airbnb rate for neighbouring Bukit Jalil condominiums is RM230 to RM250 per night. At a conservative occupancy of 20 nights per month, this works out to RM55,200 annually. After deducting all costs (maintenance charges, sinking fund, marketing, utilities, housekeeping, etc.), the targeted return can easily achieve an average of 8% nett per annum, with even a two-digit return being achievable.

living and dining areas of Wellness Suite (386 sq. ft.)
living and dining areas of Wellness Suite (386 sq. ft.)

Buyers (or investors) have three options regarding their property:
– Buy for own stay
– Engage any Airbnb management company to handle their unit
– Engage the developer’s management team to manage on a profit-sharing basis (80% to owner, 20% to management for the first two years)

Video: Wellness Suite (386 sq. ft)

Additional Investment Opportunities
In addition to the medical suites and wellness suites, retail suites on the ground floor of the medical tower are available, starting from RM1.5 million, which opened for sale in mid-2024.

Future Expansion
Besides KL International Hospital supporting these investments, the master plan of KL Wellness City includes an oncology hospital that will offer proton beam therapy and an aesthetic, beauty-cum-plastic surgery hospital. Phase two of the medical suites at KL Wellness City will open in Q4 2024.

KL Wellness City is a medical-driven integrated healthcare ecosystem development in Kuala Lumpur
KL Wellness City

Within 2km (or a short Grab ride away) from KL Wellness City are four LRT stations. Also within this distance are two 18-hole golf courses. Within 4km is the KL Sports City, less than 30 minutes from Subang.

Key access is provided by seven major highways. Shuttle buses will be available from KL Wellness City to Pavilion Bukit Jalil and the airports, and it is less than 40 minutes from KLIA, making KL International Hospital the nearest tertiary hospital to the airport in Malaysia.

*A tertiary hospital is a hospital that conducts open heart/open brain surgeries.

KL Wellness City poster
all are welcome – free admission

Weil Hotel location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/5EiyugzAiBp85whh9
Room: Salon 1, Level 2

13 July 2024 (Saturday) 2pm-6pm
14 July 2024 (Sunday) 9.30am-1.30pm

International Recognition
KL International Hospital is poised to be a top-three medical centre in Southeast Asia. Being located within a wellness city itself makes this development stand out distinctively in the world.

As an iconic project that elevates Malaysia’s international reputation, KL Wellness City was the only Malaysian company hand-picked by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) to present the township project at an ASEAN meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2023. At the summit, MIDA introduced KL Wellness City as a significant “nation-building project”.

For more information about KL Wellness City, click through to their website www.klwellnesscity.com or call +6010-4066686.

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