Retire with Confidence

Retire with Confidence

Start planning for your retirement today!

How long do you think your retirement will last? 20 years? 30 years?

As Singaporeans live longer, many among us could be spending more than 20 years in retirement. But will we have enough savings to comfortably maintain our desired lifestyles through those years?

Retire with Confidence
Research shows that 40% of Singaporeans are not confident about their retirement preparations. Nearly a third expect that they will have to give up their current lifestyles and live more frugally when they retire.

To ensure you have enough wealth to take care of your health and lifestyle needs, start taking steps today to build your retirement nest egg.

Join Sebastian Sieber & team at their ‘Retire With Confidence’ workshop to learn how to:
Find out how much you need to retire
Plan ahead to maximise your retirement income
Master proven investment strategies that will grow and protect your retirement nest egg

Date & time: 12th Aug, 2021 (7pm – 8pm UTC+8)
Register HERE.

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