Restoran Simpang Tiga, Perbaungan, North Sumatra

Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga
1. typical Medanese food

If you live in Ipoh like me, you would be familiar with the name, or even the menu of Restoran Simpang Tiga, the Medanese restaurant located in Greentown.

Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga
2. interior of the restaurant

Coincidentally, during my recent trip to Medan at the invitation of YOU Wings to join their maiden flight from Ipoh to the Indonesian city in the North Sumatran province, our tour guide recommended Restoran Simpang Tiga, also known locally as Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga.

Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga
3. sitting cross-legged to eat

The photo of the food shared in this post is a typical Medanese meal. Do note that when it comes to spiciness, Medan dishes are spicy hot, with extra chillies, although our meal was toned down significantly.

Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga
4. Rumah Makan Simpang Tiga (Restoran)

The restaurant also serves Minang, Malay and “modern” cuisines. Definitely another reason to stop by when we head this way again. Beats eating street food in Indonesia.

Restoran Simpang Tiga
Add: Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 17, Simpang Pantai Cermin, Perbaungan Kab. Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Tel: (061)7991629
Fax: (061)7991630

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