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Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
Raja Tun Uda Library

One of my readers commented that while on vacation, he draws a line when it comes to visiting libraries. While I have to agree when it comes to libraries in Ipoh, visiting the Raja Tun Uda library in Shah Alam has given me a brand new perspective on libraries!

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
looks like a ship

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
books neatly arranged, section by section

Built over five years at a cost of RM70 million, this 6-floor library, which has already received some 500,000 visitors since its opening on 22nd July, 2011, is a gift from current Sultan of Selangor, HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, to the people.

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
Apple desktop computers

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
Windows desktop computers

With the tagline of “My Second Home”, it is not surprising that so many people, especially children and teenagers, love coming here because of its unique design, in addition to being comfortable, spacious yet cozy and well-stocked, with 195,000 books and counting. Imagine, which library allows its visitors to lie down on the floor?

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
information at your fingertips

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
children’s creative zone

I love the fact that the library is well-equipped with both Apple and Windows desktop computers, including in the children’s corner, as this is the only way for them to learn. Children need to be hands on.

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
special book shelves that appeal to children

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
Aida is fascinated with the Ubiq Window

The biggest attraction for me is the XD Theater (with 6D motion ride technology). They have four titles available; each video has a duration of about four minutes. It costs RM10 per entry into the theater, the cheapest in Malaysia, and also the first XD Theater in a library! I watched Canyon Coaster – I thought that took a few months off my lifespan. Yes, it was that scary and real! That’s why those with certain medical conditions are not allowed into the XD theater. The library also has a 3D theater but after 6D, Kung Fu Panda in 3D seemed mild. The XD theater fits eight people at one time, while the 3D theater, thirty.

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
the four XD titles available

Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
all ready to enjoy the show

Parents are greatly encouraged to bring their children to this Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam. It beats mall-ing or being glued to the computer. The cultivation of interest in books has to start from a young age and this library gives the perfect ambiance.

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor (PPAS)
d/a Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda
Jalan Kelab Golf 13/6, Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Opening hours:
Mon: 10am – 7pm
Tues – Fri: 9.30am – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 9pm

*Free membership

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