Kuala Selangor Fireflies Tour @ Kg. Kuantan

Although I have been on quite a number of trips to witness fireflies, notably in Kuala Sepetang (Perak) and Sungai Yak Yah (Terengganu), I was still mesmerised by the flickering of uncountable fireflies during my cruise along Sungai Selangor in Kampung Kuantan, Bestari Jaya (formerly Batang Berjuntai).

1. Kuala Selangor Fireflies Tour
1. Kuala Selangor Fireflies Tour

Three species of fireflies out of approximately 2,000 species in temperate and tropical environments are found in Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor. The species are: Pteroptyx tener, P. valida and P. malaccae. The dominant species in this area is Pteroptyx tener.

Fireflies are also known as lightning beetles, being the only insects in the world to produce their own light. P. tener in Kampung Kuantan are about 5 – 10 mm in length. They become active at dusk, from around 7.30pm to 11pm, congregating on berembang trees.

2. firefly watching
2. firefly watching

How does one differentiate a male firefly from a female? Well, the light from the male firefly is said to be brighter, so as to attract the opposite gender. One thing to note is P.tener’s synchronised flash, something that is uncommon for other firefly species.

My group was out on boats to witness the fireflies up close. Each human-pedalled boat could only carry four passengers, excluding the boatman. The ride, which takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes costs RM53 per passenger.

3. one of the posters
3. one of the posters

Photography wise, as no flash is allowed, it would take a very capable device to successfully capture the fireflies on camera. I wasn’t able to but I have committed the sights to memory, which should be the case!

Oh yes, for your information, those who catch fireflies, if caught, will be fined RM1,000 under the Local Government Act 1976, Part XII Section 101.

4. video room
4. video room

To plan a trip to watch fireflies (Kelip-kelip), you are advised to go through Tourism Selangor. Contact information enclosed below:

Tourism Selangor Promosi Sdn. Bhd.
Add: Lot P7, Jalan Indah 14/12, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +603-55132000 / +609-3262036
Fax: +603-55136268 / +603-55182407

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  1. Wow! I notice they renovated a few things. The last time i’ve been there was literally 10 years ago. I think its time for a revisit!

  2. Emily, you are everywhere hehe..
    Good to see updates here, this place I wanted to go but been said for more than 10 years. 🙁

  3. i used to enjoy fireflies when we were kids at my Mom’s place. But now they are all gone. Mom said probably because nowaday, our community becomes crowded and more trees are been removed.

    You are very lucky that you still enjoyed these night fairies 🙂

  4. I think I have experienced this once before – but way back when I was younger. Certainly would need to relive it soon.

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