Pesta Rabak N’ Rolla 1st Anniversary

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Pesta Rabak N Rolla

The word ‘Rabak’ may carry a negative meaning in the Malay language but according to Seyn, one of the founding members of Rabak, in Perak, the word means “to the maximum”. So, it means that members of Rabak give their utmost to their art.

Pesta Rabak N Rolla
photography display

Pesta Rabak N Rolla
black & white photography

Additionally, there were more than ten booths selling various arts and crafts items, to add to the celebration.

Pesta Rabak N Rolla
The Masked Man

Event: Pesta Rabak N’ Rolla 1st Anniversary
Venue: Koloni Karyawan Amanjaya (PORT), Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh.
Date: 28th Jan, 2012
Time: 12noon – 11pm

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