Matta Perak Travel Fair – MPTF 2010

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So I went around taking photos and didn’t stop to check out cheap travel deals. However, going to this Matta Fair gave me an idea to go on a cheap cruise for my next holiday. A 2 Day 1 Night cruise in Penang on board Star Cruise’s Star Pieces is only MYR198++. Now, I have no idea what ++ means but it surely can’t be more than MYR100, right? One night on the ship is too short for me, though.

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On my way out, a guy who was in his 50s stopped me on my tracks. He spoke to me in Mandarin asking me where I am from. So I replied that I am from Ipoh. Knowing that I had misunderstood him, he rephrased his question, asking me why I was taking photos. I said that they are for “newspaper” and he asked, “Which newspaper?”

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Before I could answer him, he went on saying that actually, no one is allowed to take any photos without prior permission. Oh, F him. What’s the big deal, right? I just said that, “Oh, yeah? Anyway, I’m on my way out already.” I already had all the photos I needed for the night, so who cares about getting permission? LOL I need my Press Club badge! 🙁

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Having been to two travel fairs these couple of months, I noticed that most travel agents advertise their cheap travel packages in Chinese. Why is that so? Is going on a tour a Chinese thing? And do they expect all Chinese to be able to read Chinese? I am very interested in cheap tour packages, actually, but all those Chinese characters put me off, seriously, when all I can make out from their advertising leaflets are the prices!

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Oh yeah, I think I would like to go on that cruise but that will have to wait till the next Matta Fair. A big purchase is coming up, you see, so it’s not the right time to splurge. Anyway, if you are planning to catch THIS Matta Fair, it will only wrap up at 10pm, Sunday, 5th September, 2010.

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