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Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah, Padang Rengas, Perak

Many a time I had passed by this unique mosque in the past and it seemed to be closed. It was not until recently that I had the opportunity to set foot in it, as a delegate of Perak Tourism Management Berhad / Gaya Travel Magazine’s familiarisation trip to Perak to promote the state in conjunction with Visit Perak Year 2017.

Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah was formerly known as Masjid Lama Kampung Kuala Dal, and as you can tell from its name, it is located in Kampung Kuala Dal, Padang Rengas, less than 5km from Kuala Kangsar.

Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah
Masjid Ihsaniah Iskandariah

Built in 1936 with funds from the late Almarhum Paduka Seri Sultan Iskandar Shah, the 30th Sultan of Perak, this unique mosque was launched on 11th February, 1938 by His Royal Highness.

According to documentation, the design and ornaments of the mosque were inspired by the architecture of Istana Kenangan in nearby Bukit Chandan, with the walls made from woven panels of bamboo strip and in diamond motif which was the handiwork of village folk.

photo shoot in progress (L-R): Shamsul, Jaslin, Danish, Nazirul & Edgar
photo shoot in progress (L-R): Shamsul, Jaslin, Danish, Nazirul & Edgar

As explained by the Department of National Heritage (Malaysia), the mosque has twenty windows throughout. Those on the ground floor were built higher to provide privacy for the congregation. The windows are carved with shark gill motif, bean shoots, a crescent and a five-point star.

Moreover, the joints of the kelarai or tepas wall are decorated with carved motif of tikam seladang flower. If you noticed, the walls are painted in the colours of the Perak State flag of yellow, white and black, similar to the colours of Istana Kenangan.

on the upper floor
on the upper floor

This mosque was used until 1976, when it was abandoned. The Department of National Heritage took over the management in 2008 and extensive restoration work began in 2011. The mosque will be turned into a gallery and is open to the public from August 2017. Opening hours are from 8am to 5pm daily. Entrance is free of charge.

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