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Lake Kenyir (Tasik Kenyir)

Kenyir Lake
Kenyir Lake (Tasik Kenyir)

Spanning almost 210,000 hectares, nestled in the heart of the east coast state of Terengganu, Lake Kenyir is Southeast Asia’s largest man-made lake.

Kenyir Lake
cruising Kenyir Lake

Kenyir Lake
at a junction

Stretching as far west as Kelantan and as far south to Pahang, Kenyir reminds me of Belum/Temenggor in Perak, where the primary mode of transport is by boat. With 340 islands dotting the lake, there are some 14 cascading waterfalls, and home to a sanctuary of freshwater fish, Kelah.

Kenyir Lake
overlooking the lake

Kenyir Lake
a trek up the display garden

The principal port of entry is Gawi Jetty, established in 1991. It also serves as the nearest access point to Taman Negara via Tanjung Mentong. Similar to the Royal Belum, compulsory entry permits must be obtained via the Wildlife Department.

Kenyir Lake
Terengganu cherry

Kenyir Lake
a nest from the stingless bee colony

During the week-long Terengganu International Squid Jigging Festival 2014, Lake Kenyir was one of the highlights of the attractions that were introduced to us. Whilst I have been to Terengganu four times in the past three years, it was my first visit to Lake Kenyir. I was instantly blown away by the size of the lake, and its exotic array of flora and fauna.

Kenyir Lake
heading to Orchid Garden

Kenyir Lake
crossing the bridge to the ASEAN orchid garden

The day-long visit to Lake Kenyir saw us island hopping to the Tropical Garden, Orchid Garden and Herb Garden.

Kenyir Lake
one of the many orchids on display

Kenyir Lake
fragrant Phalaenopsis corningiana from Indonesia

We also had the opportunity to swim with the Kelah fish at the sanctuary, or at least dip our feet into the cooling water and have them nibbled by ’em fish! The feeling is difficult to describe, therefore, one has to experience that first-hand!

Kenyir Lake
the beginning of a long trek to the Kelah Sanctuary

Kenyir Lake
a delighted Yusree with his catch of a Kelah fish

This Kelah Sanctuary is only open to visitors from March to October. Located at Petang River, fishing is prohibited here to maintain the natural spawning grounds.

Kenyir Lake
colour-coded butterflies

Another attraction that we visited was the Kenyir Elephant Village (KEV), to our delight. I will be writing about it in a separate post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Obviously, due to time constraints, we were unable to fully enjoy all that Lake Kenyir offers.

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  1. LOL playful Yusree
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    very fun trip in Terengganu
    I will put Kenyir Lake in my must visit list now ^^

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