Kajang Satay Gallery (Galeri Sate Kajang)

Galeri Sate Kajang
1. satay diorama room

One of several attractions in Kajang is this satay gallery, opposite the former Kajang Stadium.

Galeri Sate Kajang
2. all about Kajang satay

Galeri Sate Kajang
3. at a modern satay eatery

While it is no secret that Kajang, in the district of Hulu Langat, Selangor, is famous for satay, many of us have no idea how this came to be. In fact, satay is one of the heritage food of the state of Selangor.

Galeri Sate Kajang
4. a traditional satay stall

Galeri Sate Kajang
5. a customer enjoying her meal

Well, with this gallery, visitors can read all about the history of satay and the satay business developed over the years from one generation to another.

Galeri Sate Kajang
6. a traditional satay seller

Galeri Sate Kajang
7. sharing a stick of satay

There is a video room where a short film is shown on the history of satay in Kajang too. It is presented in the Malay language.

Galeri Sate Kajang
8. documentation on satay

Galeri Sate Kajang
9. satay kandar set

This gallery did not look like it has been updated in recent times and the props are covered in a layer of dust. I did, however, enjoy the diorama.

Galeri Sate Kajang
10. the Malay house

Good thing is that admission is free-of-charge, so no complaints.

Galeri Sate Kajang
Add: Bangunan Dato’ Nazir, Jalan Kelab, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.
Tel: +603-8737 1853

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Sat – Thurs) with lunch break from 3pm to 4pm. Closed on Friday.

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