Festival Kenyir 2015

The past week was a hive of activities at Lake Kenyir because of the annual Festival Kenyir. This year, it began on May 31 and ended yesterday, June 6.

Festival Kenyir
1. giant chopsticks race

Although most people have the misconception that this Festival is full of water-based activities, the co-organisers Terengganu State Government and Terengganu Tengah Development Authority (KETENGAH) also have lined up a list of community sports.

Festival Kenyir
2. racing in giant clogs

These traditional games are fun and involve whole families, which make Festival Kenyir the event ideal for both the young and old to spend time especially since it’s held during the school holidays

Festival Kenyir
3. Rachel Yeoh plays a game of congkak

Some other attractions were a motor show, cooking demonstration, karaoke competition, children’s colouring contest, performances by local artistes besides water sports. The photos shared here were taken from the traditional games which I also took part in.

Festival Kenyir
4. a game called ‘sambut kekasih’ where a water-filled balloon is passed between a man and woman, as the distance grows longer

I attended this year’s Kenyir Festival as part of the delegation for the Terengganu International Squid Jigging Festival 2015, at the invitation of Gaya Travel Magazine and Tourism Terengganu.

Festival Kenyir
5. in search of ‘turtle eggs’ while blindfolded

Obviously, it’s too late to participate in this fun-filled festival now but there’s next year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Festival Kenyir
6. a basin of ‘turtle eggs’ (ping pong balls) is found

Event: Festival Kenyir 2015
Venue: Pengkalan Gawi, Lake Kenyir
Date: 31st May – 6th June, 2015
Time: 10am – 11pm

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