Easy 3-Step Cooking With MamaBz Multi-Purpose Paste

Although I often eat out, my preference is actually homecooked meals. Unfortunately, I am so busy these days, that cooking at home has been a luxury, too, until I discovered MamaBz, the multi-purpose cooking paste.

 1. three of the four available flavours from MamaBz
1. three of the four available flavours from MamaBz

Cooking with ready-to-cook paste is nothing new, obviously, but MamaBz is quite an ingenious product in the sense that it is multi-purpose, like I mentioned.

 2. MamaBz owner, Fariz, adds coconut milk to his redang daging
2. MamaBz owner, Fariz, adds coconut milk to his redang daging

Prepare the ingredients, put everything into the wok including a packet of MamaBz paste, then serve when cooked. Voilà, in just three easy steps, anyone can be a home chef – men, women who never needed to hold the spatula previously and even children (under supervision).

3. daging dengan perencah masak hitam serbaguna
3. daging dengan perencah masak hitam serbaguna

You probably haven’t heard of MamaBz before because it is a fairly new brand. I had the opportunity to visit its factory the other day at Klebang.

The boss of MamaBz, Fariz, is indeed someone who enjoys cooking so much that he gave up an engineering career to venture into MamaBz business. That alone indicates his passion for cooking, and as we all know, food with passion as one of its features tastes so much better.

 4. daging dengan perencah asam pedas serbaguna
4. daging dengan perencah asam pedas serbaguna

During the visit, I was able to chat with Fariz and also see how things are done. I am someone who is curious about the procedure of how something is made or produced, but don’t like to do it myself. Haha!

Preparing the paste is a lot of hard work. First, it’s the chopping, cutting and blending of basic ingredients, such as chilli, onions, salt, sugar, pan-toasted fresh coconut (kerisik), thick as well as sweet soy sauce.

5. ikan pari asam pedas dengan MamaBz asam pedas serbaguna
5. ikan pari asam pedas dengan MamaBz asam pedas serbaguna

Once all the basics are ready, the large wok is fired up. First into the wok is the chilli. I was taken aback when told that the chilli needed to be cooked for one full hour before the remaining ingredients are added in one by one. Cooking the chilli is an art by itself as it is the foundation of the paste. All in all, the paste takes at least 2 hours to cook.

The maximum capacity of the wok is 60kg, to produce 700 packets of paste, at 75g per pack. Monthly production is at least 3,000 packets.

 6. sotong dengan perencah MamaBz asam pedas serbaguna
6. sotong dengan perencah MamaBz asam pedas serbaguna

MamaBz comes in four different paste: Black Sauce (Masak Hitam), Hot & Tangy (Asam Pedas), Sambal and Rendang.

Those who are passionate about Malay cuisine are no stranger to these flavours. However, it is not so easy to pinpoint their origins. As you know, every Malaysian state has its own distinctive taste, but for MamaBz, after receiving feedback from family and friends, Fariz has fine tuned the recipes handed over by his mother, so they are not specifically from Perak, Kedah, Melaka or Johor, inevitably comprising the best of everything.

7. udang dengan perencah rendang
7. udang dengan perencah rendang

The most popular paste is Asam Pedas. It goes well with all species of fish, especially cencaru sumbat (stuffed mackerel) and ikan bakar (Portuguese grill).

8. ketupat palas - best eaten with rendang
8. ketupat palas – best eaten with rendang
9. yours truly about to savour ketupat palas
9. yours truly about to savour ketupat palas

During Hari Raya, of course, the top seller is Rendang paste. To be eaten as it is with ketupat, lemang, pulut kuning, or even nasi putih (plain white rice), it can also be cooked with prawns, beef, lamb, chicken or cockles. Basically, as a multi-purpose paste, it is suitable for all meat. To cook with meat, just add hot water. To make it more flavourful, add freshly squeezed coconut milk (santan). The amount to be added is according to taste.

10. let's cook this
10. let’s cook this

As for sambal paste, this is also another all-time favourite. Ready to eat, just add a small volume of hot water. For cooking, it is usually used in sambal tumis, ikan 3 rasa or as sauce for noodles. Most recently, I used it to cook petai (bitter beans), adding onions to my dish for more flavour and colour.

11. my most recent MamaBz dish - sambal petai
11. my most recent MamaBz dish – sambal petai

Masak Hitam popularly goes with rendang ketupat, nasi putih, and particularly, nasi minyak. Just thinking about this kenduri kahwin (Malay wedding feast) fare makes me salivate!

MamaBz range of paste is tasty, ready to eat, easy to cook and yet zero preservatives with two years shelf life, by strictly following food technology SOP. What more do we want? In fact, the inspiration behind MamaBz is Fariz’ busy wife. As a career woman, who also has to take care of the household, she had to buy packed food from roadside warungs.

12. my homecooked chicken rendang using MamaBz rendang multi-purpose cooking paste
12. my homecooked chicken rendang using MamaBz rendang multi-purpose cooking paste

With the desire to help out other households in the same situation, Fariz figured that MamaBz could turn kitchen noobs into professional chefs in a jiffy. With four flavours, they can prepare different dishes the whole week through. Best of all, these tastes are not something that can be acquired from tapau (packed) food, even if hawkers used MamaBz, too. LOL

13. udang dengan perencah sambal serbaguna
13. udang dengan perencah sambal serbaguna

Too busy to cook even with MamaBz? Fariz is available for catering (open house, Hari Raya, wedding, etc), whether it is Rendang Daging, Daging Masak Hitam, or other items. Just place the order, pay up and the delicious food will be delivered to your doorstep.

14. special wedding door gift packages
14. special wedding door gift packages

To complement their food business, also available are special wedding door gift packages.

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  1. Amat memuaskan…senang & mudah…rasa enak & sedap…

  2. Time saving and life saver. Wife baru deliver baby. So the daddy have to do the cooking. Nasib adA paste mamabz ni. Hehe.

  3. Sangat menyenangkan kerja di dapur, campak je paste mamabz dlm periuk, tumis tak smpi 5 min, siap..makan ngan nasi panas2..sedapppp!!!

  4. Alhamdulillah..bantu lah produk muslim…bkn saja dpt membantu ekonomi ummah..tetapi dpt pahala jugak…sedap dan mudah

  5. Assalamualaikum
    Saya mula kenal dengan produk mamabz ni daripada mmber yg bercerita dan pos gambar produk dlm wtssap. Permulaan saya beli 6 pcs produk mamabz (sambal,asam pedas & masak hitam). Sangat2 mudah dimasak dan sedap dimakan. Selepas tu dlm bulan posa tmpohari saya order beli lagi 2 kotak (1 kotak = 24 pcs) sambal dgn asam pedas utk bekalan sepanjang bulan ramadhan. produk mamabz memang terbaik, pembungkusan yang kemas simple menarik mudah dibawa mudah dimasak dan sedap menyelerakan dimakan. Saya bagi 5 bintang utk produk mamabz. Tingkatkan usaha dan kekalkan kualiti….

  6. Any excuse like ‘tak pandai masak’ will go extinct la nmpknya lps ni walaupun mama sntiasa bz smpai xsempat blajar masak, dgn mamabz just campak2 je tp result 5 star gitu..

  7. Pes Mama BZ diperkenalkan kepada saya melalui Program Usahawan Bumiputera anjuran NCIA.Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan produk-produk MamaBZ.Saya telah mencuba pes rendang ,sambal pelbagai guna,sambal tumis , masak hitam dan asam pedas.
    Pes sambal pelbagai guna dan pes asam pedas sentiasa ada dalam dapur kerana ia akan memudahkan saya untuk menyediakan hidangan dengan cepat dan menjimatkan masa.Saya dan keluarga sangat menggemari masakan yang menggunakan pes MamaBZ.
    Terima kasih kepada En Rosli B Bakar pegawai NCIA yang memperkenalkan saya dengan pes MamaBZ.
    Semoga MamaBZ terus maju jaya dan menjadi kesukaan para wanita terutama wanita yang sentiasa sibuk. Tiada lagi alasan untuk tidak masak kerana MamaBz memudahkan.Terima kasih MamaBZ.

  8. Produk yang sangat membantu kaum2 ibu,bapa,orang bujang and student..masak jadi senang skrng..tak perlu dduk dapur berjam2 nak siapkan satu hidangan..dgn mamabz berapa minit je da siap..highly recommended

  9. Husband saya suka sgt paste rendang Mamabz even not in the Raya seasons pun i will keep repeat order.

  10. MamaBZ mmg memudahkan urusan memasak….. Masak je ape² asalkan ada pes ini dirumah….. Menjimatkan masa… Harga yg berbaloi…. Sedap…… Yg penting, kita blh memasak utk keluarga walaupun penat bekerja……

  11. Produk yang memudahkan kerja di dapur..dengan mamabz saya boleh menyediakan hidangan yang cepat dan sedap untuk keluarga saya..terima kasih mamabz

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    good job mamabz

  13. MamaBz sangat terbaik kerana memudahkan urusan saya di dapur.Tidak perlu mengambil masa yang terlalu lama untuk memasak lagi2 untuk ibu2 yang bekerja..Semua pes Mamabz sedap dan harga sangat2 berbaloi..

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  18. Wow…it does look easy as ABC for the prepation huh. Yupe! For those who have ultra-hectic schedule, you can always rely on such paste to make our life easier. 🙂

  19. These looks delicious and very convenient. Most of the time am alone and this is perfect for me.

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  21. Omg, my mom always cook using this brand. I highly recommend this brand too. Anyways, love your pic, looks delicious.

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