Day 4: Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012

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Day 4 Malaysia Tourism Hunt
Participants from various countries sharing their thoughts and experiences during the closing dinner (L-R): Puteri (Malaysia), Andrea (The Philippines), Boris (Hong Kong), Pui (Thailand), Dr. Mridula (India), Bobby (Brunei), Chen Dong Yan (China), Pearl (Taiwan) & Chiemy (Japan)

And then, it was time for the official dinner, to close the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012, and to declare the winners. Besides the top three winning teams, prizes were also given out to the other seven teams in the Top 10, to the last team (Wooden Spoon) and Best Dressed Male & Female guests.

Day 4 Malaysia Tourism Hunt
showdown at the Filipino bamboo dance between Ming (L) & Faizal (R)

However, before the winners were revealed, there were many games to participate in, including cash prizes and four Huawei MediaPad sponsored by Celcom. What do you know, bloggers Rayyan Harris and Anne, my team mate, won a tablet each. Yours truly went on the dance floor with Halley Prabhakar (Senior Correspondent with Overdrive magazine, India) to participate in the newspaper dance and we were declared winners! Woohoooo! Both of us took home a tablet each! Yeah! Hi-5, Halley! Halley is the colleague and roomie of my team mate, Nikhil.

Day 4 Malaysia Tourism Hunt
The first prize winners: Team 16 (RudraSola) L-R: Malik, Anne & Nikhil. Yours truly not in picture.

To cut the story short, my team (Team 16) won first prize. WooooOOoooooooo!!!! The name of our team is RudraSola, thanks to Nikhil, who came up with the Hindi name. According to him, Rudra is the name of a deity while Sola means 16. So apt!!

While everyone else danced the night away, I went back to my room and straight to bed. I was dead tired!!! I guess I laughed too much, no thanks to the emcee! I even lost my voice!! Best dinner I ever attended thus far!

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