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One morning in Lukang, we had our first meal of the day at this modern Western-style eatery by the name of The Naked Café. Having dined here, albeit once only, one question lingered on my mind. What (or who) is naked? Is it the chef, the customers, or one of the many bears that sit ... continue reading »

Just a short distance away from the historic district of Lukang, and the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, is a nostalgic guesthouse called Child Story 童年往事莊園民宿. It reminds you of your childhood, and brings out the inner child in you with an array of vintage toys and memorabilia from the 1950s as decorations. It amuses me that just ... continue reading »

Lukang (also Lugang) in Changhua County is the second oldest town in Taiwan. This modest town is famed for its culture and heritage that have been well-preserved through the generations. A pride of this settlement is its historic district, where red brick buildings with traditional Taiwanese architecture still stand firmly. The ideal way to take in ... continue reading »

Due to the geographical location of Fangyuan, a port town by the coast, seafood features prominently in the diet of locals. Oyster is a common food here, so for tourists to Changhua, one of the best experiences is oyster harvesting in Fangyuan. Be taken on a motorised cart (or bullock cart, depending on the tour operator) ... continue reading »

Located within the industrial area on reclaimed land off Lukang in Changhua County are these attractions known as Taiwan Glass Gallery and glass Mazu temple, both built and owned by Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise Limited (台湾玻璃馆), or TMG in short. The highlights of Taiwan Glass Gallery are Golden Tunnel and Underwater World. As you can probably ... continue reading »

Shopping at Padang Besar, Perlis

Mar 8, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - HUAWEI P20 PRO, Travel

Although I have travelled the length and breadth of Malaysia, Perlis is the state that I have yet to explore. On the way home from Langkawi to Ipoh by coach last weekend, we made a detour to Padang Besar for shopping. I am not a shopping kaki but I welcomed the opportunity to have a look ... continue reading »

Although I have visited Langkawi several times, I took a flight to the island for all those trips, flying from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (Subang Airport). Last weekend, I had the chance to head to the Jewel of Kedah again, and to my delight, we'd be taking the ferry. It would be a new experience ... continue reading »

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