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Women in Leadereship

Women in Leadership

The WI presents ‘Women in Leadership: Climate Change, Gender Equality & Covid-19 Recovery’

A study by the Centre for Economic Policy Research along with the World Economic Forum found that nations led by women, rather than men, had more successful responses to the Coronavirus outbreak and implemented lockdowns more quickly, as well as experiencing half as many deaths. Furthermore, it has been shown on all levels that when women play an active role in negotiations plus policy making, climate measures tend to be stronger and fairer than if made by an all-male team (European Journal of Political Economy 2019).

Women in Leadereship

As the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the United Kingdom, the Women’s Institute (WI) will be exploring the importance of women’s leadership and participation in decision-making. You will have the chance to hear from a fantastic panel of speakers who will come together to discuss the importance of having more women in leadership in tackling climate change, achieving gender equality and building towards Covid-19 recovery.

Discussion topics include:
• What role does women in leadership play in climate change, gender equality and COVID-19 recovery?
• Why is it important and necessary that we have more women in leadership positions and at decision-making levels?
• How do we get more women involved at decision-making levels?

The event will also include a Q&A session at the end, where you will have the opportunity to ask the panel members your questions. They will be sharing details of the fantastic lineup of speakers soon.

Date & time: 21st May, 2021 (8pm – 9.30pm UTC+08)
Register HERE.

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