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Impiana Hotel Ipoh Earth Hour

An environmentally-conscious and socially responsible corporation, Impiana Hotel Ipoh observed Earth Hour for sixty minutes on March 28, from 8.30pm onwards. It is always observed on the last Saturday of March. The hotel switched off their lights in back-of-the-house areas and dimmed the lights in public areas, restaurants and hotel exteriors, joining the global climate awareness ... continue reading »

Earth Hour 2013

Mar 23, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
Earth Hour

I commemorated Earth Hour 2010 in Kuala Lumpur viewing Petronas Twin Towers turning off their lights, and headed to the Lookout Point in Ampang to see Kuala Lumpur in darkness, and then having lights in the city switched on again at 9.30pm. It was a very memorable occasion. In 2012, I enjoyed fine dining in ... continue reading »

KLCC before Earth Hour 2010

My friend, Careyne, who is hosting me the week I am holidaying in Kuala Lumpur (thank you so much, Careyne!), took the trouble to make Earth Hour extra special for me by driving me to see Petronas Twin Towers "Before" and "During" Earth Hour just a few hours ago. As you can see, I managed to ... continue reading »

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