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I was first introduced to eggette, a type of egg-based snack food that's super popular in Hong Kong, when I visited D’Mystery Café House in Lumut, Perak. Since then, I did not come across another eggette stall until I set foot in Eggette Lab, located on Level 2 of First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting, ... continue reading »

When I book my hotel room, I usually do not want to pay for breakfast. This is because I would like to take the opportunity to explore other food options nearby. When I was in Resorts World Genting recently, I discovered The Food Factory. No doubt, this is not a new dining outlet. In fact, I ... continue reading »

Living in Ipoh, I can't deny that I was ignorant about the art and culture of Malaysia's East Coast or even bothered to know about the way of life of the communities there. This changed when I had the opportunity to visit Terengganu for the first time, a few years back. During that trip, I was ... continue reading »

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