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ISPCA Mini Adoption Drive

Jul 7, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
ISPCA mini adoption drive

Sunday morning saw me in Old Town for my ol' school Ipoh breakfast fare and so, I decided to stop by the ISPCA mini adoption drive to see how it was going. As said, it was a mini drive and only a small number of puppies and kittens were brought out from the shelter. As an advocate ... continue reading »

Announcement: ISPCA Mini Adoption Drive

Jul 6, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
ISPCA Mini Adoption Drive

Today, the ISPCA is holding a mini adoption drive for dogs and cats in Ipoh Old Town along Jalan Bandar Timah. It is held opposite of Restoran Ipoh Kong Heng, at the junction of Harold's Bread, just a short walk from the original kopi-O street art by Ernest Zacharevic. Event: ISPCA Mini Adoption Drive Venue: Ipoh Old ... continue reading »

Puppies Rescue Mission

Jan 20, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Puppies Rescue Mission

37 puppies were adopted by dog lovers in Ipoh on the first day of the two-day Puppies Rescue Mission organised by I.S.P.C.A. at De Garden. The two-day campaign saw some 80 puppies put up for adoption, mostly poodles but there were also a few pugs, shih tzus and mongrels. The pedigree puppies were rescued from an ... continue reading »

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