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Lavender Clothing Ipoh fashion boutique

I haven't visited my friends at Lavender Clothing, a fashion boutique in Ipoh, since they moved out of Canning Garden some months ago. Having taken up half a shop lot at Ipoh Garden South, Lavender Clothing has since grown from strength to strength and beginning 23rd Feb, 2012, has taken up a full shop lot ... continue reading »

Fashion Shopping @ Lavender Clothing

Jul 30, 2011 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Samsung ST600, Shopping
Lavender Clothing boutique shopping

My friend commented that I suffer from a genetic defect because I am the only female he knows who doesn't like shopping for clothes and shoes. I go to KL to shop almost every month and always come home empty handed, except for gadgets and devices! I think it's because I am very demanding when ... continue reading »

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