Queen Rearing and the Cell Builder

Queen Rearing and the Cell Builder

Cambridge Beekeepers are delighted to welcome back Richard Noel from his home in Brittany to talk about queen rearing and the cell builder! Richard loves queen rearing. “There is nothing more satisfying than raising your own queens with your own resources,” he said.

Queen Rearing and the Cell Builder

From the many methods, Richard prefers the Mike Palmer method of the 10 over 10 cell builder box. In this talk he will go through the process he uses to produce super queens, with their cells still full of Royal jelly on the day they are born. Topics will include genetic selection, grafting, raising the queens from start to finish, drone colonies and subsequent mating.

Richard will demonstrate just how easy it is to raise good queens that can outperform any queens that you can buy and which are completely suited to your own area. His ethos is for everyone to completely understand the process which will enable anyone to raise queens in their individual situation, whatever size apiary and whatever resources they have. From 2nd or 3rd year beekeeper to the more experienced, this talk will help you in some way!

Date & time:
4th Mar 2021 @, 03:00 (+08 UTC)

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