Perak Homex 2012

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HOMEX pameran perabot
luxurious sitting sets by My Casa

The third instalment of Perak Home Exposition came and went, after much promotion prior to the four-day event. A journalist friend told me there were THREE press conferences!

HOMEX pameran perabot
welcome to Dr. Spine’s booth

HOMEX pameran perabot
Lazio’s booth

Although I missed the launch of the event, I found time to drop by one morning. As expected, majority of the vendors were familiar players in the market, selling products similar to last year’s. Well, at least they seemed almost the same to me because one sofa looked very much the same like another.

HOMEX pameran perabot
free - headboard only

HOMEX pameran perabot
lighting from In Lika

Lately, there have been too many furniture fairs, exhibitions, expositions, etc. in Ipoh. Let’s hope that we get to see different products, and at even more attractive prices!

HOMEX pameran perabot
lotus lights

HOMEX pameran perabot
garden deco

At Homex 2012, what caught my eye was the “spy” remote control helicopters that could capture still photos and video clips. This, of course, is something we’ve seen before in a James Bond movie, or maybe in some other films, but it’s new in Ipoh.

HOMEX pameran perabot
spy remote control helicopters


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3 thoughts on “Perak Homex 2012

  1. Thanks for the nice write-ups, Emily. I have taken some photos too but too tired and busy to post them in FB yet.

    Didn’t manage to see you on that day….will give you a goodie bag next time.

    There will be another one – Home Perfect Living Final Expo at PHL Convention Hall in Menglembu near the Lumut Highway on 28 Dec till 1 Jan 2013.

    Do drop by when free…

  2. Hi Au Yong,

    I asked the event organiser already and she said winners were contacted as soon as their name was drawn. All winners have already claimed their prizes.

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