Mitsui Outlet Park + Free Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

One year after its opening, I finally had the opportunity to check out Mitsui Outlet Park. I admit that the prices of most branded items are out of my budget but they do have some good bargains sometimes and I love their pop-up stores (short-term tenants), too.

Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang
Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang

Also, the food and beverage prices are regular shopping mall standard. So, this makes Mitsui a good ‘lepak’ place for me if I have some time to while away before my flight. The free mall-wide WiFi connectivity certainly is an added advantage!

By the way, did you know that there is a flight check-in counter and check-in kiosk here at Mitsui for all airlines at both airports? Plus the free shuttle bus services to KLIA and KLIA2 make Mitsui Outlet Park a great place to hang out upon arrival or prior to boarding.

And just to cater to this group of travellers, free luggage storage is provided so that we can shop unencumbered.

Mitsui Outlet Park is similar to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO). Both are premium outlet malls where tenants carry brand name off-season products at a steep discount. Tenants at Mitsui Outlet Park promise a daily discount of at least 30% and could go up to even 90%. That would be a steal!

Even so, I went home empty handed but window shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park has just given me an idea on how to plan my next overseas holiday, just so that I can spend some time here!

There are a total of 120 retail outlets taken up by 100 tenants. To keep track of which tenant offers what discount or the promotions that they are running, download the MitsuiOutletPark mobile app to receive the latest information at your fingertips.

For the Free Shuttle Bus Service Schedule, click THIS LINK.

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25 thoughts on “Mitsui Outlet Park + Free Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

  1. Ah good to know that they have a free shuttle service for Mitsui. Every time we head there – we usually route our way to drive. Will take note on this 🙂

  2. Good to hear they now provide free shuttle! It is quite some distance to drive there! I went once indeed a shopping heaven! haha

  3. Haven’t heard about this place before but I might check it out when I fly back home at the end of the year 🙂 So great that they have a free shuttle bus too!

  4. I always tell myself that I want go to Mitsui outlet but end up passby online. This round will pay visit to Mitsui outlet.

  5. Waiting for the free shuttle at the specified GATE 2 of KLIA level 1. According to schedule it runs every 20 minutes. Was here 1.50pm, and its now 2.20pm, but havent seen any shuttle yet.
    Traffic jam perhaps?

    So, travellers, please allow enough transportation time if connecting flights, to avoid rush.

  6. i fully comprehend. even my friends and i waited for the shuttle bus but it never comes on time. when it does, the driver will never wait to check if there are incoming passengers rushing to catch the bus even though its still within rhe arrival period. the driver would just drive off. the driver said he would not wait for passengers. it looks like its their practice.

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