Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya

Kota Iskandar Johor
one of the entrances of Kota Iskandar

Kota Iskandar is Johor’s 13th administrative centre. Set in a land area of 320 acres, the buildings here spot two distinctive architecture styles, Moorish-Andalusia and Johor Malay. Johor, by the way, derived its name from the Arabic word for ‘diamond’.

Kota Iskandar Johor
diamond-shaped skylight

Kota Iskandar Johor
indoor garden

The State Legislative Assembly Hall, or known in Johor as the State Parliament, in Bangunan Sultan Ismail is one of the main attractions here.

Kota Iskandar Johor
Johor state emblem

Kota Iskandar Johor
Johor State Parliament

It is said to be Malaysia’s first experimental parliament. It’s no surprise that it is one of Johor State Tourism’s top ten attractions.

Kota Iskandar Johor
the Speaker’s seat

Kota Iskandar Johor
the Al Qu’ran at the top

During Parliament sittings, however, the public can observe the proceedings at the public gallery, though full protocol has to be followed, especially if the state ruler is present, usually on the first day of the first state assembly sitting for the year. The State Parliament sits four times a year, and the most important is the presentation of budget.

Kota Iskandar Johor
the State Ruler’s seat

Kota Iskandar Johor
pineapple skylight

The unique feature of the state assembly hall is its pineapple skylight, which has two functions; to depict that Johor was once the primary producer of the fruit, and obviously, to save electricity.

Kota Iskandar Johor
Siar Jauhar Gallery

Kota Iskandar Johor
official costume for State Assemblymen

Another attraction of Kota Iskandar to the general public would be the Siar Jauhar Gallery. This is where visitors can learn about the history of the State Parliament.

Kota Iskandar Johor
the Al Qu’ran

Kota Iskandar Visitor Information Centre
Tel: +607-2909080
Fax: +607-2374100
Email: enquiries@kotaiskandar.com
Web: www.kotaiskandar.com

Opening hours: 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm daily except Mondays and Public holidays.
For guided tour, advance booking is required.

Dress code: smart casual – no shorts or slippers allowed.

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