K King 2011 – Top 20 Promo Tour Series

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Just because a contestant is in the Top 20 does not mean that he or she is the better singer than the contender, whose name is picked from a box lucky dip-style. It is very important for a singer to select a song that suits the voice, and not just because the song is very popular.

K King Ipoh
K or PK?

After the Top 20 contestant and the contender have delivered their songs, the five judges had to give their votes to either one of the singers. A K (King) vote means that the judge votes for the Top 20 contestant. A PK, which means “Penalty Kick”, means that the judge has voted for the contender.

Ipoh dancers
dance performance during a break

Since there are twenty Top 20 contestants, this challenge is spread over two days; same time, same venue. During the break, there were a hair show, which I have posted separately HERE and a dance performance by an up-and-coming dance group from Ipoh.

K King contest

Event: K King 2011 – Top 20 Promo Tour Series
Venue: De Garden
Date: 3rd & 4th Sept, 2011
Time: 7.30pm – 10pm

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