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finger food

kacang puteh

At the hour that I visited, the roads entering Little India were not blocked yet so it was extremely congested with cars and motorcycles, and even dangerous to be on foot, though from evening onwards probably around 5pm or so, the roads leading to Little India will be blocked and no vehicle is allowed to enter. This is only so for these few days because of Deepavali.

Indian charms

wonder what these are

Indian bling


I went to Little India with an open mind to take in the sights and sounds of Deepavali without the intention to shop but I was quite attracted to the wide selection of blings and I even almost had my hands drawn with henna art. It’s only MYR5 per hand!




Happy Deepavali

After today, Little India will be back to normal, though The Chennai Potty’s will still be blasting Tamil music into the night. With this, I would like to wish all Hindu friends, Happy Deepavali!

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With love

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