Ipoh Car-Free Day (Jan 2016)

The fourth car-free day in Ipoh city on January 31 has received tremendous support from the public, attracting a strong crowd of 5,000 who came to enjoy the vehicle-free environment along the usually busy Jalan Raja DiHilir (Tambun Road).

Ipoh car free day
1. family bicycle rental

The monthly event saw a lot more activities yesterday compared to the previous months, including a silat demonstration, busking and free dental examination by the Kinta Health Office.

Ipoh car free day
2. Zumba

Ipoh Car-Free Day Programme, which began in October 2015, is held with the objective of achieving lower carbon footprint in the city as well as to provide additional, albeit temporary, recreational areas for the community.

Ipoh car free day
3. a car-free Sunday morning

It is also a step towards raising awareness among vehicle drivers that the roads are to be shared with other users, whether they are on foot, bike or other modes of transport.

Ipoh car free day
4. silat demonstration

According to Ipoh City Mayor Datuk Zamri Man, February’s Ipoh Car-Free Day, which has been scheduled for February 28, will feature Chinese cultural performances such as lion and dragon dances, as the event is in conjunction with Chinese New Year, which falls on February 8 this year.

Event: Ipoh Car-Free Day (Jan 2016)
Venue: Jalan Raja DiHilir, Ipoh
Date: 31st Jan, 2016
Time: 7am – 10am

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  1. Oh what a lovely event Emily, I didn’t know Ipoh organized a car free day – seems like a splendid idea plus love all the activities that went along with it.

  2. wow this is new, many years no go Ipoh. I used to study there for secondary school, wanna ask my classmates there of this.

  3. Ipoh really are fun place to live. Haih! I should move to ipoh rathern than KL. Now..wanna go back home town oso have to drive 4 hours.

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