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In my early days on the internet, I actively traded on Lelong, eBay Malaysia and various local forums and websites. Over the years, most of these sites have evolved, revamped, or even shut down, and as you can see, I have moved on from eCommerce. These days, I spend more time (and money) on deals and coupons sites.

However, recently, I have been on the look out for a classifieds site to sell off some of my used stuff sitting around the house. I previously shopped at a site that is said to be “easy” but no longer enjoy it as it has gotten more complex, especially for sellers, who shared with me that their listings have been removed for no obvious violations.

Malaysia online classifieds marketplace - Unzip your luck

And then I came across during one of my late night random surfing sessions. Its logo of a four-leaf clover was what first caught my eye. Do you know that one is said to be lucky if he or she accidentally finds a four-leaf clover? With a tag line “Unzip your luck”, it is definitely worth a try. Incidentally, Cuba is a Malay word for “try”. is a fairly new Malaysian online classifieds site that is fast loading and spots a clean interface. Listings are neatly categorised according to products and services, filed by Malaysian states and most are tagged with WTS for Want to Sell, WTR for Want to Rent, WTO for Want to Offer, and even WTP for Want to Promote, which is new to me.

Malaysia online classifieds marketplace
Malaysian classifieds - buy, sell, rent, offer

Neat categories
The site offers a comprehensive list of categories. While one would come to expect used and new items for sale such as apparel, accessories, electronics and vehicles, is also a good avenue for those looking for jobs, real estate, or even to engage the services of a baby sitter.

One rarely found category in a general classifieds website is social escorts. This is even available at, making it all the more comprehensive and interesting.

Search function
As the site grows with even more listings, the search function will come in very handy. It’s convenient, time-saving and accurate.

Just type in your desired keyword(s), select a category and state from the respective drop-down menus, and viola! It seriously narrows down the number of pages you have to browse through.

Malaysia online classifieds marketplace latest listings

It’s free!
The best thing about Malaysian classifieds is that it is FREE OF CHARGE. Yes, you read right. No fee is imposed on the seller or buyer, and anyone can register for a free account to start buying or selling.

And for those who want to just browse around for the time being, registration is not required.

Best practices
While is simple and lenient, users have to be mindful and be responsible on the site. Violations would include spamming, trademark infringement, and offering illegal services and/or products, just to name a few.

Video (below): Why use

As the saying goes, “You won’t know if you don’t try.” So, I shall dig up everything that I want to let go, and start taking photographs of them.

I guess, the online seller in me is back!

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