Circle of Love – Ballet

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However, the Dark Prince, Prince Oto, played by Shannon Lim, was just waiting for this moment to strike….setting the fairyland ablaze! Oh no! Even as Prince Aldo helped the fairies and pixies escape from the inferno, the Fairy Queen, once the love of Prince Oto, was caught by the billowing smoke. As she laid there weak, the only thing to save her was the Elixir of Life.

Circle of Love Ballet
little fairy

Circle of Love Ballet
almond blossom fairies

With the Snow Queen helping at the home front, Prince Aldo journeyed far to seek the guardians of the Fountain of Life, and finally returned to the fairyland with the Elixir of Life to save the Fairy Queen.

Circle of Love Ballet
magical unicorns

Circle of Love Ballet
Lydia Yeow as the Snow Queen

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Circle of Love Ballet
Prince Aldo played by Jeremie Gan - 1st Prize Winner of TDS 14th Solo Classical Ballet Competition 2011

Event: City Ballet Presents Circle of Love (Ballet)
Venue: Dewan Leong Wan Chin, Perak Girls’ School, Ipoh
Date: 26th Nov, 2011
Time: 8pm

Video (below): Circle of Love

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With love

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