China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, Putrajaya

Tucked within the 28-acre Anjung Floria in Putrajaya is the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, established to mark the 40th year of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Putrajaya
1. China-Malaysia Friendship Garden, Putrajaya

The 0.6 acre garden was officially opened by the Minister of Federal Territories Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Utama Tengku Adnan bin Tengku Mansor on 2nd June, 2015 during the 8th Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 Flower and Garden Festival.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Putrajaya

The Lingnan-styled garden complete with distinctive Chinese elements and character was developed in collaboration with the Malaysia-China Friendship Association (PPMC) who had proposed the original idea to build this garden.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Putrajaya

Subsequently, with endorsement from the Chinese government, the development of the garden was completed in early September 2014 in cooperation with the Dongguan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Putrajaya
4. with Seri Saujana Bridge as backdrop

Michelia alba (white cempaka), the official flower of Dongguan, grows abundantly in the Chinese-influenced landscape where most materials such as arches were brought in from China. The most striking aspect would be the pair of 200-year-old lion artifacts, standing guard at one of the doorways.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Putrajaya

Entrance is free of charge. However, a small fee is imposed on those who would like to utilise the garden for photo shooting or videography.

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  1. Even staying in KL for so long, I didnt know this place exist. Beautiful place. Couldnt understand why would they want to impose charges for phtoshooting though

  2. you’re really ‘semangat’, exploring all the hidden gems, even up till putrajaya. I wouldn’t even know this place existed, not until you shared it here.

  3. i’d been there when it was not even opened yet, i love it although i wish it can be bigger, we have a really big one in kuching

  4. I would to know how much is the entrance fee. Is there any charges? How if I would like to do a pre wedding photo? Please advise.

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