Bukit Kinding Resort

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Bukit Kinding Resort
kids’ playground

Bukit Kinding Resort
swimming pool

Bukit Kinding Resort

Bukit Kinding Resort
koi (carp)


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10 thoughts on “Bukit Kinding Resort

  1. hi! Good day to you. My family is looking for a gateway during coming CNY at Bukit Kinding Resort if possible. whole family about 8 adults and 6 kids. Please reply. Thanks!

  2. Hi Cassey,

    Do contact the resort directly at +605-5331122 or +605-5330032.

    However, I have received numerous complaints that the resort cannot be reached, and this has happened over the past couple of years.

    Therefore, may I suggest that you consider The Haven Resorts for your holiday break.

    You can read about my experience at The Haven Resorts here:

  3. Can i please get Bukit Kinding Resort contact number ?
    i have been so hard to find out the contact number ,
    and i would like to ask more packages for 80 persons, they are uni students

  4. It has been abandoned as the main building is burnt with a few cars in the car park completely toasted.

    Sad, as it was one of my potential venues that I scouted for my wedding ceremony almost 10 years ago.

  5. Ng,

    Thanks for the update! I was looking for it as I receive so many enquiries about Bukit Kinding Resort. None of my contacts work there anymore and I couldn’t find the time to drive there.

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